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Welcome to my website.

I'm a freelance writer, researcher and consultant specialising in media education. After teaching in London schools, I worked at the British Film Institute from 1979 to 2007, including 8 years (1999-2006) as Head of Education. My main aim has always been to try and develop good practice in media education and to advocate its importance as an entitlement for all learners; click here to see some of the ways I've tried to do this.

If you're interested in finding out about media education in the UK - how it has developed, and what it looks like now - you may want to look at some of the papers I've written and presented in various countries.

I offer a training and consultancy service, either as an individual or with colleagues, aimed at enabling schools and local authorities to develop moving image media education as part of literacy for 3-14 age groups.

I'm keen to help develop new thinking about media education. There is still not enough evidence about learning progression, about standards, or about the relationship between different kinds of learning, such as critical analysis and creative activities. So I continue to be involved in research on media education and have begun research on children's early encounters with media, for a PhD at the Institute of Education, London.

If you like what you find here - or if you want to argue about it, correct a mistake or ask questions - do contact me, or you can visit my blog.

I am a member of the Media Education Association and a Fellow of the RSA.


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